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Pomona NYC is a product review website that shares quality, well researched, and honest content about different health and fitness products and programs sold on the internet. We ensure to stay up to date on the latest trends in the health and fitness market so you don’t get left behind.

Pomona NYC first published its review last October 2020 and has quickly gained the trust of thousands of readers to the present time because of the quality and in-depth content in each review posted.

Pomona NYC is based in 4 different countries, the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia with a team of 8 professional writers who are actively working hard to offer you quality and detailed content that covers everything you need to know about the product.

From what the product or program is, how it works, its recommended use, pros and cons, price packages, and more details you need to know before purchasing. In this way, you are sure not to miss out on any information before purchasing or availing of the product or program. The reviews posted on the website are user-friendly and well-detailed in an optimized, clean and readable platform that is easy to navigate.


This is what Pomona NYC stands for as it visions a world with healthy people who don’t have to suffer from body pains down to life-saving health problems. It aims to help save lives by providing trusted quality information that can be used by people to help choose the right supplement, product, or any other program offered in the market that can benefit their lives.


There is one main objective of why Pomona NYC was created and that is to bring honest and good quality to the readers who trust the website. Currently, there are thousands of people worldwide who visit our website and we are consistently trying to have innovation and let our website grow.

It is important our reviews are always showing the truth because we consider health and fitness of vital importance. Also, since readers are taking the products or following the programs we review, we value each person’s safety and money. Pomona NYC does this by extensive research on whether you should be investing your money on a safe and effective product or program.


Here are at Pomona NYC, we promise to always stay on top of the new products and programs on the internet so you are able to read the reviews before trying it yourself. We want you to have a healthy and fit body while not endangering your health.

Pomona NYC promises to publish in-depth reviews that are honestly written and well-researched so you can dive deep into the details on what you’ll invest your money in because we take health and fitness seriously.

In addition to that, we will constantly find ways to grow, expand and innovate our reviews, website, and team to offer you the best service that we can. We will find ways to make our website more beautiful while being accessible, optimized, and user-friendly.