Live By Your Own Rules Reviews

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Stop living for others. Just think about yourself, your life, love yourself, give yourself importance, and live your life happily by doing whatever you like.

It seems difficult to some people, but when you start reading this review, you will find the secret revealed by Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani in the program “Live By Your Own Rules” to start living a perfect life filled with full of love, joy, peace, success and reach your goals.

Live By Your Own Rules Review

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Live By Your Own Rules – Exactly what it is?

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, the co-founder of Mindvalley, created this Live By Your Own Rules program to guide people in the right path. It is about shaping a genuine, extraordinary, and conscious life by your own rules.

Just try to create a better and true relationship with yourself and happily enjoy a complete journey of your life.

Listen to the words of Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani to realize the fact and get the chance to know about your most Authentic Self, so you can easily nurture your relationship with yourself.

Of course, having a thorough exploration will lead to the most important relationships, self-discovery, self-liberation, and more that you want.

Just you need to spend 15 minutes of your valuable time for 31 days to listen to Kristina’s guidelines. She will share with you the unique process of unmasking society, confirming personal truths, and guide you to develop better relationships with yourself.

Here you can learn how to innovate your work, love, play, and even achieve your goals. According to your own conditions, you can effectively define success, happiness, pleasure, and your dream goals.

Even uncertainty and change will not shake you, but you can live life because you will be truly comfortable with yourself.

Live By Your Own Rules – What does it include?

  • A Complete Program to Unearth Your Authentic Self
  • 31 days of self-discovery with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani
  • Daily lessons & guidance to shape your relationship with yourself

Live By Your Own Rules – Facts you can find inside

  • Discover Your Divine Self
  • Overcome Emotional Obstacles
  • Embody Bliss & Joy
  • Greater Self-Love
  • Live Authentically
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Be Courageous

Live By Your Own Rules Reviews – Know the way it works

And as you go deeper into your core relationship, you will begin to embrace all the subtle dimensions as you live your life and express yourself sincerely.

At the end of the quest with Kristina, you will feel amazing about the relationships with yourself, and you will become so solid in society’s standards that will never again undermine authenticity.

Experience the Self Truths and Authenticity by having a personal development journey, spiritual growth, relationships, general performance, life optimization, parenting, and more.

You can get the chance to understand your core self, identifying and clarifying the role you play, the mask you wear, and the beliefs that make your decisions will open the door to your true self.

You will be accomplished in all areas of your life, and you can develop ways to innovate yourself on your work, love, play, and even achieve your goals. You can take control of your life into yourself.

You will feel resilient and strong; once you have learned to be more comfortable. Of course, uncertainty and change are amazing game-changer so that you will embrace every moment without fear.

Just have your own rules and live your life as you like that most. You can clearly define ideas and values for happiness, enjoyment, and success that depend on your conditions and goals.

You will be your true self and don’t mind whether it’s the light or dark side of your personality. But you have to embrace or balance all your subtle dimensions.

You can attract what you want; once you allow yourself to live a truly genuine life. Sure, you can attract companies and communities that serve those you want and create a special life.

Live By Your Own Rules Program Reviews

Live By Your Own Rules comes in 3 parts.

PART 1: Look Within Yourself

PART 2: Your Life, Reimagined

PART 3: Developing Your Systems

What will you discover from Live By Your Own Rules?

Live By Your Own Rules Program will give you the necessary tools to re-establish a better relationship with yourself, so you can comfortably live in harmony with the world around you.

Kristina will share all her experiences to guide you and shows the path to develop your authenticity. She will guide you to go through the process of evaluating to know about your beliefs, feelings, values, and truths.

This powerful process will help you shape your self-relationship to quickly rewrite or correct the frameworks for a deep to have a satisfying relationship with yourself.

As you go through this process, You can get the new empowering beliefs, the joy of being liberated, and begin to appear every day. Finally, you will be the truest, and you can continue living your life in your own way.

Here you can get the chance to quickly find your divine self and have a deep appreciation to know who you are and fall in love with your true self every day.

You can easily discover how to overcome emotional obstacles, develop a unique process to defeat depression, and take control of your emotions.

You can find how to implement the joy and bliss in your life by following the authenticity guide to change everything for the better.

Get the chance to rediscover your greater self-love, conquer, and confirm: experince self-acceptance, self-liberation, and real life.


  • 7 Days To Happiness Quest
  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Program

Live By Your Own Rules Reviews – Advantages

  • Live By Your Own Rules is a friendly program to change yourself deeply and guide you to have a fulfilling relationship with yourself.
  • It offers tools, techniques, and strategies to experience new empowering beliefs and joy every day.
  • Within 31 days, you can notice the changes in you and feel amazing to live your heart-desired life happily.
  • Experience the positive changes and nurture yourself to do whatever you love.
  • Social standards and expectations no longer hold you back.
  • Live By Your Own Rules is highly effective and gives satisfaction and happiness in your own life journey.
  • You can ask for a money refund if you are not happy with the result.

Live By Your Own Rules Reviews – Drawbacks

  • Live By Your Own Rules Program is available only online.
  • If you don’t have a clear internet connection, you are not able to access this system.
  • You must need a mobile or tablet or PC or laptop to join and attend the session. Otherwise, you will miss the chance.

Live By Your Own Rules Reviews – Does it cost much?

Now you can join this Live By Your Own Rules program for $249. If you are not able to make full payment, do not worry. Here you have the option to pay in 2 installments. In fact, the actual cost of this program is $599, but the author has reduced the price to help everyone.

You can also purchase this program or get unlimited access to all Mindvalley programs (50+ programs worth over $15,000) for just $499/year.

Upgrade to Mindvalley Membership and try it for free up to 15 days to get some clarity on whether it is worthy of your every penny. If you are not happy, you can cancel at any time.

You can get the chance to connect with members around the globe and also connect with potential new friends and the highest quality new people in your life.

Live By Your Own Rules Program Review

Live By Your Own Rules Reviews – Conclusion

Kristina has willingly introduced Live By Your Own Rules which is an excellent program to help everyone to open up their mind and heart to realize.

Take advantage of using this guide to keep practicing and stay happy by using the powerful tools to reach your goals effortlessly.

Just spend a few minutes of your valuable time understanding the fact revealed by the author. So you can overcome the flaws and negativity from your life; then gain more strength and positiveness to travel on the right path.

At last, you will get the chance to take authenticity to the heart of your life. Live By Your Own Rules will allow you to enjoy the best outcomes, feel more comfortable, and more.

If you are interested, just click the link. Do not miss the chance. Access it before the offer ends.

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