The Immunity Blueprint Reviews

The Immunity Blueprint Review

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Introducing Mindvalley’s The Immunity Blueprint

The Immunity Blueprint is an excellent digital wellness program designed by a world-class expert, Eric Edmeades. He’s also the creator of another program at WILDFIT, which was a huge hit.

It is a 29-day online program where Eric will guide you through becoming the healthiest person. The program focuses on making you immune to every and any disease there is.

As the world is suffering from several crises, you may be shocked to know how compromised our immunity has become. It’s not easy to live with and around stressors, pollution, and junk food.

But it’s definitely easy to learn how to manage stress, avoid falling sick due to pollution and understand food and nutrition. There are many more factors that Eric covers in this master course. He gives you the entire blueprint that you can follow to be healthy and fit no matter how much you age.

Within just 20 minutes a day, you will learn how to breathe, avoid or deal with stress, avoid or eat some ingredients, avoid or perform some movements, and so on. Once mastered, you’ll be able to master your health and wellness forever.

The Immunity Blueprint: Curriculum

This 29-day program is divided into 4 weeks’ training.

Week 1: The Silent Enemies of Immunity:

The first week introduces you to various triggers that affect and defeat your immunity. This will set your base as you understand which habits, food items, and life choices are good or bad for you.

  • You’ll learn how you should be breathing in the most perfect manner that allows your immunity to strengthen.
  • You’ll learn about some food ingredients that are randomly added to your meals and how they destroy your immune system.
  • You’ll learn how stress cannot be avoided but you can learn how to cope with it.
  • You’ll learn how some surroundings can be extremely bad or good for your immune system.

Week 2: Strengthening Immunity with Water, Sun & Sleep:

The second week teaches you how everything around you can impact your health, including the kind of water you drink and the way of drinking it, how you start and end your day, and how you sleep and dream.

  • You’ll learn how you shouldn’t just consume water conventionally.
  • You’ll learn what disturbs your sleep and understand how you can avoid those things to have a quality deep-sleep.
  • You’ll discover the value of the sun and its light to improve your immunity and you’ll learn how to soak up the sunlight.

Week 3: Strengthening Immunity Through Movement & Connection:

The third week teaches you how you can improve your physical activities and movements to build a healthy body and how you can improve your relationship with others to have a happy immune system.

  • You’ll learn some basic fitness exercises that are extremely simple yet effective.
  • You’ll learn how some relationships can have an impact on your health and how you should maintain them.
  • You’ll learn how extroverts and introverts can maintain their immunity levels.

Week 4: Strengthening Immunity Through Nutrition:

The fourth and final week teaches you a lot of concepts such as calories, ingredients, nutrition, and health.

  • You’ll learn how the food industry has been hiding so much. Once you realise the truth, you’ll know what you have to do.
  • You’ll learn how immunity-boosting is not a difficult task and you can buy everything you need from a local grocery store.
  • You’ll learn how you can suppress unhealthy cravings so you don’t have to be in a tiff with your heart about eating or avoiding junk meals.

The Immunity Blueprint: Joining Criteria

There are no criteria. You can join this program no matter what the case is. This program is made for everyone who wants to be healthy. It’s not about gaining or losing weight, it’s about being so healthy that you never fall sick, become obese or have to go on a diet.

We require so many doctors to assist us. But… have you imagined, why do people have weaker immune systems? Eric has multiple answers to this.

The reasons could be pharma companies, the food industry, a lazy lifestyle, or poor food choices. No matter what your reasons are, Eric ensures that his program is meant for everyone and can benefit excellently if you follow it every day for at least 28 days.

The Immunity Blueprint Program

The Immunity Blueprint: A Science-backed Program

The Immunity Blueprint is a high-impact digital program. The program works because Eric knows that.

  • Most of our immune systems are suppressed due to stress, low levels of nutrition, smoking, consuming alcohol, adding sugar to the diet, and chronic diseases.
  • Our immunity can be affected by extreme temperature changes, obesity, and low or excess exercises.
  • Immunity can only be boosted by breathing well, eating correctly, having a sound sleep, getting enough vitamins, and exercising in a scientific manner.

Since the cause and effects are well-analysed, Eric’s program is a huge hit! It reduces the causes of low immunity levels and increases your immunity naturally by educating you about various scientific ways.

It works on the basis of two types of immunity: Innate and Acquired. The Immunity Blueprint strengthens the innate immunity levels and works on improving your outer sources of nutrition and exercises so you can acquire additional power to fight diseases.

The Immunity Blueprint: Prevents Illnesses

The actual purpose of promoting this program is to prevent you from illness. Mindvalley explains how your immunity can be a good shield that fights all cruel illnesses. On their official page, they explain how boosting your immune system can prevent Covid-19 as well.

The program promotes good overall health that prevents diseases, helps you heal faster, and develop fewer symptoms that interfere with your daily life. Most people only fall sick when they have a weakened immune system.

Mindvalley’s The Immunity Blueprint  Program can save you from all diseases and illnesses. The program is not an alternative for any medicine but is a way of defending yourself from any diseases.

The Immunity Blueprint Reviews: Health Benefits

  • Stronger Defense Mechanism: The program will improve your body’s natural defence mechanism. So, regardless of your age or condition, your body will keep fighting the diseases.
  • Improves Overall Health & Well-Being: This program aims at improving the way you look at nutrition, health, and sleep to build a strong body and overall health.
  • Helps You Heal Faster: Healing is more important than anything. Of course, everyone falls sick from time to time, however, healing is important. The faster you heal, the better your overall health becomes.
  • Fights Fatigue: Most people feel very tired after a vigorous workout session. Is that normal? Well, everyone gets tired but the question is… How fast do you recover? The program helps you fight tiredness and fatigue so you can get back on track again.
  • Improves Peacefulness: Having good peace of mind is as important as eating a balanced meal. It improves your well-being and allows your body to produce more happy hormones.
  • Helps You Sleep Better: Sleep plays a big role in maintaining your health and controlling ageing symptoms. The program helps you sleep better and enter the deep-sleep phases every night.
  • Helps You Live a Long Life: The moment you take care of your body, your body starts taking care of you. Live a longer and happier life by following The Immunity Blueprint.
  • Helps You Age Backwards: The program aims at giving you the correct nutrition knowledge so you can look good, feel good, and age backward.

The Immunity Blueprint Reviews: Cost & Discount

You can join Eric’s The Immunity Blueprint program at Mindvalley at just $349 instead of $1049.

You even have an option to get access to all the programs at Mindvalley for just $499 a year instead of paying $15,000.

At this price, you get full access to the entire program, 29 days of online coaching, smartphone application access, desktop, iPad application access, and Apple TV access. You also get access to the Lifetime community of The Immunity Blueprint student platform.

Everything is risk-free at Mindvalley. You can enjoy the program risk-free for 15 days from the time of purchase.

If you do not like the material, simply go to the refund page and get yourself a complete refund. No questions asked about your decision. That’s why Mindvalley is the best community for learning, growth, and development.

The Immunity Blueprint Program Reviews

The Immunity Blueprint Reviews – Conclusion

If you’re someone who loves your health and cares about every detail, even immunity, this program is just for you! You should definitely not take your health for granted.

Since the program is available online and you can learn a lot in just 29 days, I think, you should definitely give it a try.

The students who have already tried out Eric’s programs are totally in love with their overall health condition now. They explain how they turned from beginners to experts in treating themselves and making them better.

You can do this too, it is no longer rocket science. You can only enroll through Mindvalley, online. So click below to enroll in The Immunity Blueprint now.

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